Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Learned Something Very Interesting...

Let me foreword this by saying that I am not racist. My best friend is Latino, my other best friend is a Latina. I live in Southern California so really I hardly have any white friends. My college is so diverse. The people I associate with are generally Indian, Armenian, Persian, Hispanic, or African American (and I really mean FROM Africa...when have I ever been known to be politically correct?)

This is an observation, not a racial generalization. My experience thus far, and what I am about to say is certainly subjective.

White guys are not attracted to me. I never cared before recently. I've never thought of race playing a role in what I would look for in the opposite gender. Here's what I've found...

With the exception of Jews, white people of the Americas are the abyss, the vortex, the super-nova black hole, the ultimate lack of culture. I'm sure this really has to do with perception. For example us Californians maintain that we DO NOT have an accent. Well, here we don't, but if we go to Georgia, WE are the ones with accents, not the Georgians. Interesting concept.

So here in the US, we have no culture...relatively speaking.

I have never been bothered by other cultures, in fact I am thrilled to participate in any culture in any way possible! So having lots of friends with strong cultures is great for me (ESPECIALLY the food!)

Until recently, I've never even noticed that white boys aren't attracted to me. They don't approach me, or ask for my number. They don't even look at me in that perverse offensive way that we women secretly enjoy. Yeah girls, you know you complain about those looks all day, but when they AREN'T doing that is when you REALLY get offended.

It seems I'm always attracting either Latino guys or Black guys. Both of those ethnic groups have a lot of culture. I feel I am well-versed with pretty much everything their culture has to offer. I really don't even think about it...just sort of flows.

Something odd happens in the transition from feelings of friendship to feelings of attraction. Somehow the culture is suddenly in the face of both parties involved and it becomes a struggle.

Case in point:

"You don't understand, that's just my culture" if often presented as a "get out of jail free card." Ladies and gentlemen, your culture is not an excuse. I could really go on here about the clashes of culture, but if you've experienced it, you don't need me to explain. If you haven't experienced it, you won't care to read about it, but take this time to give thanks to the copricous god of your choice for saving at least a small part of your sanity.

The majority of the planet's monogamous relationships are homoracial. I came to the realization that it would be much easier to follow suit. Not out of discrimination, nor because I don't like their culture, nor because I think either is better than the other...I'm just taking the easy way out I suppose.

But wait a minute!! White guys aren't attracted to me! They don't approach me, or ask for my number. They don't even look at me in that perverse offensive way that we women secretly enjoy.


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