Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Today I had Biology Lecture, Chemistry Lab, Lecture, and Discussion.

My Bio professor is brilliant and evokes logical and in-depth thought on concepts. I really like that, but find myself going deeper in thought after he has already moved on to the next topic (eeps!) Today we discussed what "life" means. I realize that sounds quite boring, but actually it was fascinating. He took the dictionary definition of the word "life" and completely made a joke out it. According to the unabridged dictionary, fire is alive. It has the manifestations the dictionary's definition requires: movement, growth, irritability, metabolism, reproduction. Then I started thinking about all the things that could be considered "alive" according to this definition. I love thinking outside of the box, but like I said, I'm entertaining myself with all kinds of rebuttals to the definition and my prof is already on the next topic! Wups! Gotta watch out for that.

My Chemistry Lab prof is a grad student TA...she's like totally valley girl I swear like oh mah gawd she was wearing jeans and a tight shirt and her highlights and high heels were like SO totally cute I mean to die for.

Kill me. Please.

My Chem Lecture/Discussion prof has one of those voices that puts you to sleep...very monotonous. If dirges were a little less melodious, she'd surely make a top notch vocalist in that field.

In high school, we were stronlgy urged to purchage TI 89 (or above) calculator because, according to "them", we would have to use TI 89s for the rest of our high school and college careers. So of course I got one and now that I'm in college, every single class thus far has forbidden the use of those high tech calculators because it's possible to program the machine to calculate formulas for you and/or transmit answers to classmates. So now I have to purchase an equally expensive machine that isn't as awesome.

What I purchased for $100

What I must now purchase for $100


  1. Sweet. Looks like it's got FOUR functions. I'm so jealous...

  2. LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you serious about buying that old thing for $100?!!!!!

    I love your blog already!!!

    I hope you will keep writing one...